Beautiful for any occasion

"Makeup is an art that allows us to see ourselves in a different light. You don't have to be like everyone else: experiment until you find your style."

The most important thing that every makeup artist knows is that you should not copy makeup from a photo, because it will never be the same. Each face has its own features, the most beautiful of which should be emphasized, and makeup should match the radiance of a person.

Makeup should emphasize the individuality of the face. The art of make-up offers you unlimited possibilities and in a few minutes can turn you from a girl next door into a pop diva. You do not need to take the advice from fashion magazines literally, their purpose is to inspire you. Try to find a make-up style that It makes you and makes you feel beautiful.

"Fashion trends should inspire us and serve as a guide, without taking them literally ..."

Professional makeup artist

Veselka Petrova

Makeup artist

"Beauty - these are not long hair, beautiful legs, tanned skin or perfect teeth. Beauty - this is the face that cried and now smiles, beauty - this is the scar on the knee left over from falling in childhood, beauty is in the dark circles under the eyes when love does not allow you to sleep, beauty - this is the expression on the face when the alarm clock rings, it's the smudged makeup that runs down your face after a shower, it's the laughter when you're joking and you're the only one who understands the joke. Beauty is in your eyes when you see Him, when you cry over your fears, beauty - these are the wrinkles that come with age. Beauty is the way we communicate with our inner self and the way we manifest it outside. Beauty - these are the signs in life, all the blows and care we take. The beauty is to allow yourself to live, to be truly alive!"